Bachelor First Year coordinator  (2021-2023)

CH1101 Global History

CH1104 Heuristic Skills and Sources (coordinator)

CH2217 Rethinking History 2

CH2100 Honours History (coordinator)

CH2204 Capitalism and Inequality (coordinator)

CH2206 Religion, Culture and Global Encounters

MA Thesis supervision at EUR

PhD external committee member and examiner for National University of Singapore, University of Glasgow


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

HH 1008 The Emergence of Modern Southeast Asia, 

HH 2024 History of the Malay: Present Identities, Past Histories

HH 3022 World War II and Southeast Asia

HH 4018 History and Fictional Representation

Graduate level supervision

PhD, NTU: “China-Indonesia Foreign Relations Post-1965”

PhD, NUS: “A comparison of object collection between Raffles Museum, Singapore and the Sarawak Museum” 

PhD, Goethe University Frankfurt: “Sport and Society in Indonesia”

MA, Goethe University Frankfurt: “Memory, History and Politics: Post-1965 Indonesian exiles in Germany” 

Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main

SOA 4.2 World War II in Southeast Asia

SOA 19.3 Postgraduate Writing Skills

MSEAS 1.2 Newspapers in Malaysia

MSEAS 3.2 Representing Southeast Asia

MSEAS 2.1Theories and Methods

SOA 7.1 Introduction to Southeast Asian Studies

SKS3.3 Minorities and Majorities in Southeast Asia